Gentle Hands Doula

Pregnancy, Birth & Bonding - Choose a better birth!

Honored to serve more than 50 couples in childbirth over an 8 year period.  Eager to serve more in Juneau, AK.


What's a doula?

Unlike your doctor, midwife or nurse, my only concern is for your emotional well being and your physical comfort.  I stay with you all through labor and birth and I'm there to help you avoid feeling isolated or overwhelmed.

I help you prepare for birth emotionally and physically.

I unite and strengthen your team efforts.

I guard your autonomy and dignity

You can easily reduce your need for medical interventions like epidural, pitocin, vacuum extraction, narcotics, cesarean, episiotomy - just by having a doula by your side in labor!  But should you need medical help it won't be nearly as stressful on you.

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Serving the greater Juneau, Alaska areas.  Home, hospital and birth center.