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Childbirth education/preparation

 As a doula for the past 7 years, I have seen the direct results of many kinds of childbirth preparation classes.  The good, bad and ugly of birth have all been on display for me to observe.  And the most common frustration I've had is to work with a couple that took a "good" childbirth class and came away unprepared but extremely confident.  My goal in providing these classes to to provide a realistic idea of how to cope and even thrive in labor.  I teach various techniques and provide you with opportunities to practice them and see how they might work for you.  Birth is very much like snow flakes - each labor is unique and each woman's needs are specially fitted to her.  My goal is that you'll have real tools so you can walk into labor well prepared and not just feeling good about yourself.  Birth is very hard, but you can do hard things!

Both classes are available in your home and on your schedule.

There are 2 types of classes available at this time:

The all day marathon class - a 6-8 hour dash through all the essentials for a great labor.  This one was originally designed to work with a busy dad and I've had a lot of demand for it over the years. $175 per couple

The second goes into a little more detail but slower.  It includes 4-6 weekly meetings and time to think between.   $250 per couple