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Fetal positioning Consults

I've added training from midwife Gail Tully, founder of the Spinning Babies website.  This training allows me to assess the position of your baby before he/she is born (Belly Mapping) and to teach you techniques that can help rotate the dreaded "sunny-side up" baby before or even in labor, reducing your need for medical interventions and making your labor shorter and less intense. 

My passion for Spinning Babies came from having the experience of providing labor support for 5 moms in a row with "back labor".  I knew there were situations like this and that is could be very hard and long, but I was not mentally prepared for 5 moms who all had over 24 hours of labor with constant back labor - nearly all of them even had the help of pitocin and epidural toward the end of the labor.  For one of these women it meant a cesarean because after 26 hours she was still about 3cm. and the baby had not descended or turned.  Her baby was wedged into her pelvis and wasn't moving.  If I had been able to get this training before her labor ... I might have been able to move her baby and it is possible she would have delivered with far less effort. 

For some women there is only one (or two) position a baby can be in to get through her pelvis.  These women's babies tend to try escaping by flipping to a head-up or breech position...or they may also try to fit through facing the mother's pubic bone instead of facing to the side or the back.  Some even try fitting through face first (very painful).  For the majority of women a simple regimen of stretches and movements can reduce or even eliminated "back labor".  These little moves take less than 15 min. per day and can greatly increase your chances of delivering with a minimized pain level and reduced labor time.  Check out if you would like more information.

The first mom I tried these techniques on was planning a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).  Her first labor was very hard back labor and nearly 30 hours long.  She never made it past 3cm. (much like my above mentioned client) and was forced to have a cesarean when her dream had been for a natural water birth.  All through her pregnancy I saw signs that her baby was not positioned well for birth (again)  - I got my fetal positioning training and we had him in a great position to birth within a few days.  When she went into labor it was about 5 hours total, and she got to have her dream of a natural (intervention free) water birth. A beautiful and successful VBAC. NOT all moms will have such great results, but it is safe to say that many will.  You could be one!

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