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Gioia Albano "Close to you"

The artist who painted this lovely piece is Gioia Albano - you can find her on facebook or here :  

She has allowed me to use this particular picture in exchange for advertising her fantastic art...please enjoy and share!  I love the vibrant color and whimsical feel of her art.  

On her website she says, "I'm born as an artist, even if my life wasn't always that straight about it. Today I leave in south of France with my husband and three children. It's actually not that easy find time to do all, so I'm quite often working at night!
I always loved to paint women Sometimes They're exist just in my imagination sometimes inspired by a particular topic. Others times they're women that I actually met, even briefly.
As time goes on thanks to my personal experience I came to paint different aspects of maternity. Pregnancy but also life after giving birth and particularly the nurturing aspects of taking care of a child such as breastfeeding, co sleeping, baby wearing. You can call mine a motherhood art or parenthood art.
These are also my choice because I love to think that they'll help building persons that can be more close to their hearth and make this world a better place.