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Letters to rebecca

 Still praising God for an amazing and gentle birth!  I could not have done it without you and your amazing heart and skills.  Thank you, Rebecca ;) You knew exactly what to say.  Blessings, Kristi

Rebecca,  Thank you so extremely much for all your help.  You were like a mother when my mother was far away.  Thank you for teaching me to believe in my body and myself.  Love, Yvette  P.S.  You were priceless

Dear Rebecca,

As you know, when I first contacted you I was quite terrified of labor, particularly the delivery portion, and I had no sense of what was important to me in order to feel less scared. From the beginning you offered both emotional and informational support, from the books you lent to me to kind notes of encouragement. While my long labor "day" did not go quite as planned, in that I ended up getting more interventions than I had hoped and we were SO close to that dreaded c-word, I'm not sure my husband and I could have gotten through and gotten the relatively EASY vaginal delivery without your support! My memories now are only of the sense of relief, accomplishment, and love I felt when my little guy came out. Thank you again!  R.


Dear Rebecca,

I felt like I had failed miserably with my first birth experience since I got an epidural and felt even worse when just a short time later a close friend had a smooth, short first delivery. I didn't know that child birth could really be any different until I did some research and still I thought there must be something wrong with me because with birth number two I failed to make it through without pain relief - I felt like I had failed my daughter and not until I had such superior support and sailed through my third delivery did I understand how different birth can be. While intense, painful, and slightly overwhelming the only thing that was disheartening is not having a super feeling of relief immediately after the delivery. I had thought I would immediately forget the pain after the baby was in my arms but I did not. I think I may have been in shock a little or something because I didn't feel great until they were done working down below and I could look at my little guy without those kinds of interruptions. I feel so empowered now and truly feel like I could deliver at home should I end up doing this again some day. I didn't ever even consider that - I didn't think I could handle it :) Praise the Lord for supportive people and the correct environment for a peaceful delivery!

Dearest Rebecca,

Thank you for your loving support during this pregnancy and delivery.  I know is was short and intense but your help was so curcial.  Thank you for helping me stay calm and welcome little J_________ into the world:  What an incredible miracle we have been blessed to share in.  The hospital was wonderful!  Fantastic nurses and lots of accommodation for my preferences and needs.  Thanks Again. C______


Dear Rebecca,

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew how important it was to find the "best" birth team; especially because we were living in a new town and I had my hopes set on a VBAC.  I also knew I wanted the most natural birth possible for my new baby.  One of the first things I did was internet search for doulas in the Brazos Valley.  This led to you and I am forever glad!  Your help started long before the "big day" - from encouraging me to find an excellent care provider, to expressing our different birth location options, to locating another VBAC mom for me to talk with and most importantly supporting me with my goals.  When other people questioned me, even my own mother, your possitive attitude was exactly what I needed.  This same energy helped me through my long labor.  Your help with massage, relaxation tips and words of encouragement were critical to me.  Since my husband was caring for our son during much of the time I labored at home, it also made him feel better to know you were completely there for me.  When my labor slowed down, I wondered if I could do it - you reminded me I could!  And in the husle and bustle of the hospital, your calm reassurance helped me to focus on my goal.  Giving birth was the most difficult thing I have ever done, but I have gained a true inner strength.  Something that so many people said was impossible was made possible - my baby is the proof!  It also meant a lot to me that you stayed after the birth to care for me.  The day a mother brings her baby into the world is one she never forgets.  You will be part of this very happy memory forever.


 (If you wish to speak to this mom, she is eager to tell her story!  Please just contact me and I'll get you in touch with her).



We cannot thank you enough for all of the care and support you provided us on H____ birthday.  We feel blessed you were there to share the most special day.

Fondly, M_______ and P___________



Thank you so much for all of your patience and help during my birth.  The boys are very strong, healthy, active and true climbers.  Needless to say, my hands are full.  But I thank the Lord for them.

Happy Holidays, N____________

Rebecca , I just want to tell you something that I mentioned to J______ the other day that really surprised him. I told him that there has not been one single day that has passed since S_____'s birth that I have not thought about that day (and a half) of labor, my time in the hospital, all the work I did to birth him and the fact that I had a VBAC - I DID IT!!!  I'm not exactly sure why it continues to remain so important to me, but it does. I think it has something to do with validating my own strength, knowing that nothing is "wrong with me," and respecting that every birth is different and that is ok. I just want to thank you again for all of your help.