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During pregnancy it is important to remember that you're building a living person inside you.  This person will need certain foods to build a good set of lungs, great eyes, strong bones, good teeth and so on.  While a lot of this is dependent on genetics, even genetics are dependent on nutrition.  What you eat during your pregnancy will have a profound effect on the life and health of your child.  This pressure may scare you, but it is worthy of working towards.  None of us has this whole eating thing down right and this is NOT the time to DIET with the intent of losing even a pound.  This is a time to work on eating the very building blocks your baby needs for optimal health.  And good nutrition will also enable you and your baby to endure labor better.  You want to be as strong and healthy as you can be so that both you and your baby will come through labor well.  There is not nearly enough information out there about what is a good nutritional diet for the pregnant mom.  Doctors often won't even mention diet and if you ask them they will often think you mean weight loss diets and tell you to avoid them.  I heard of a doctor that was asked by a young mom what she should be eating...and told her to stay away from drugs and alcohol.  While it should be obvious to stay away from major toxins during pregnancy there are a lot of less commonly known toxins that can influence your health.

Things you might want to avoid during pregnancy:

  • Chips, fries and other fried foods
  • High carb diets - filling up on starches while hardly touching your proteins or veggies.
  • OTC drugs
  • Diet drinks and diet foods
  • Coffee
  • Soda and sweet drinks
  • Some prescription drugs (be sure to talk with Dr. about ALL your prescriptions and their potential to harm your pregnancy in any way - do not drop off any of them without talking it over first)
  • Instant and pre-made foods
  • White bread or any other starch with little nutritional value
  • Candy, etc.

Things you might want to add to your diet or increase amounts:

  • Avocado
  • Olive oil
  • Salads
  • Berries
  • Water
  • Eggs
  • Butter instead of spreads
  • Omega 3 fats 
  • Fish, etc.
  • Good quality yogurts and dairy
  • Coconut oil (cold pressed only)
  • Quality prenatal vitamins - not all vitamins are created equal
  • Red raspberry leaf tea
  • Whole grain or sprouted grain breads

Here's a list of how much protein various foods have, it is recommended that mother's who are pregnant or nursing take in an additional 300 calories a day...please choose these calories carefully, remembering that they will either serve to help your baby's health or they will cause problems for both them and you.  A daily intake of about 70 or so gm of protein is recommended. If you're not brave enough to cut out the stuff you love, please be sure you take in the stuff your baby really needs!

If you already struggle with health issues your diet may be even more important for your baby.  I recommend choosing a special treat for each weekend and being gracious with yourself all along the way...remember this is about building as healthy a child as you can and should not have to do with weight loss.  Be sure you talk to your doctor about your plans.

For more information please see my links page.  I hope you will research this out for yourself and get creative...I think you'll be very glad you did.




PROTEIN COUNTER from Bradley Method

Dairy Products

Milk, 1 C.                          8gm

Cheddar/Swiss, 1 oz.      7gm

Processed Cheese, 1 oz.    6gm

Cottage Cheese, 1/2C.   12gm

Ice Cream, 1 C.                 6gm

Yogurt, 1 C.                      7gm

Butter, 1 tbsp.                0.1gm

Sour Cream 1oz.          2.25gm

Cream Cheese, 1oz          2 gm


Bologna, 1 oz.                3.8gm

Beef, 3oz.                         20gm

Chicken, 3oz.                  25gm

Egg, 1                                6gm

Hot Dog,                        1 7gm

Turkey, 3oz.                    27gm

Pork, 3oz.                        21gm

Liver, 3 1/2oz.                26gm

Sausage Links, 4oz         11gm


Crab meat, cooked 4oz   14gm

Clams, Steamed 4oz      12 gm

Haddock, 3oz.                16gm

Salmon, 3oz.                   17gm

Shrimp 4oz                     20gm

Halibut, 3 1/2oz.            26gm

Tuna, canned 4oz           28gm

Scallops, baked 4oz       17 gm

Lobster, steamed 4oz      19gm


Potato, medium                2gm

Rice, 1C. (Brown)             6gm

Corn, 1C.                          5gm

Noodles, 1C.                     6gm

Sweet Potato, medium     2gm

Bread, 1 slice                     2gm

Crackers, 4 saltines           1gm

Doritos, 9/16 oz.              1gm

Fritos, 1 oz.                       2gm

Potato Chips, 16 pcs.     0.8gm

Tortillas,                      1 1.2gm


Cheerios, 1 1/4C.          3.8gm

Granola, 1/4 C.                4gm

Shredded Wheat, 2/3 C. 3gm

Wheat Germ, 1 Tbsp.       2gm


Almonds 4oz                  21gm

Cashews 4oz                   19gm

Pecans 4oz                      10gm

Peanut Butter, 1 tbsp.       4gm

Peanuts, 1/4 C.                9gm

Sesame seeds 2oz              5gm

Sunflower seeds 2oz      13 gm

Walnuts, 1/4 C.                6gm


Pinto Beans, 1/2 C.          7gm

Navy Beans, 1/2 C.         7gm

Kidney Beans, 1/2 C.       7gm

Tofu 4oz                            9gm

Soy milk powder 1oz      12gm

Fruit & Juice

Apple, 1 med.                0.3gm

Avocado                           4gm

Cantaloupe, ¼                  1gm

Cranberry juice 1C          trace

Grape Juice, 4 oz.          0.3gm

Grapefruit Juice 1C          1gm

Grapes 1C                         1gm

Lemon 1 medium          2.5gm

Nectarine 1 medium        1gm

Orange, 1 med.              1.6gm

Orange Juice, 1/2 C.        1gm

Peach, 1 med.                0.6gm

Pineapple Juice 1C           1gm

Pumpkin (raw) 1C        2.5gm

Raisin 1/2 C                     2gm

Rhubarb (cooked) 1C       1gm

Strawberries 1C                1gm

Vegetable Juice, 4 oz.       1gm


Asparagus 6 spears          2gm

Broccoli 1C                        5gm

Cabbage, 1/2 C. cook 1.2gm Carrot, 1         0.6gm

Cauliflower, cooked 1C   3gm

Celery, 1 lg. Stalk           0.3gm

Cucumber, 1/8 lb.         0.2gm

Egg Plant, cooked 1C       2gm

Green Beans, 1/2 C.      0.8gm

Kale, cooked 1C                5gm

Lettuce, 1/2 C.              0.3gm

Tomato, 1                          1gm

Spinach, 1/4 C.                1gm

Squash, cooked 1C           2gm


Vegetable Soup, 1 C.        3gm

Beef Broth, 1 C.                 5gm

Chicken Noodle, 1 C.    3.4gm

Chili & Beans, 1 C.         18gm

Sugar foods

Caramels,                         trace

Colas,                                0gm

Honey 2Tbs                      trace

White Sugar,                     0gm