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Postpartum doula care

After the birth is over and you go home with your baby there is a time of greatly important learning and changing that takes place.  New mothers and fathers can be easily overwhelmed by the lack of sleep and daily tasks of caring for a new baby.  Bathing and breastfeeding, diapers and bonding, friends coming to visit and not really to help, meals to prepare and laundry to can be too much.  A postpartum doula steps in and assists with all these things, as you require.  She may come once a week or every day for a while...supporting your goals and encouraging you, helping you recover physically and emotionally from birth.  If you have other children that are feeling a little neglected the doula may watch your infant so you can have focused time with them.  Or she may just give you some time to get a bath and rest for a few minutes. 

I have made the primary focus of my doula practice to be labor and birth doula services.  I work hard with you to prepare for birth and I gladly walk you through the process of birth...right through to the end.  Because this one aspect of care is so involved I rarely do postpartum work other than to help with basic breastfeeding and to visit you postpartum a time or two.  But, I am glad to report that there is more than one option for you if you would like a postpartum doula.  If you want me to be your postpartum doula I am glad to do this, but it is not my primary focus.  I charge $22.00 an hour for postpartum doula services.  Either way, you deserve a good break and you should be served in the weeks directly following the birth of your baby.

Times when a postpartum doula is most ideal:

  • Twins or triplets...
  • Preemies 
  • Older siblings that need added attention
  • Father is away or unable to assist with infant care
  • Parents with disabilities or health conditions
  • First time parents
  • Cesarean Birth - after a long labor or cesarean it is often nice to have a doula stay the night with you in the hospital
  • Family or friends that live too far away to be helpful or are just not naturally helpful people