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Pressure Points for Labor

Among the skills I've picked up along the way is the use of pressure points.  They were originally part of my DONA and CAPPA (doula) trainings and I have since then studied this process further.  I am not certified for acupressure, but the training and knowledge are readily available for anyone that wants to know how to do these things.  I have been successful at inducing labor and have also been able to augment (encourage) slower labors with these techniques.  If you hope to avoid getting induced or having a planned cesarean this is one of the most natural techniques to try.  What I normally do is come to your home for about an hour - do the pressure points on you and teach you how to use them yourself.  I leave you with detailed instructions and check on you over the next few days...I will come back to do the pressure points again if needed.  It is best to have a week of time to get things going please do not wait too long to contact me.  Pressure Points should never be used before the due date or when a baby is not positioned well for birth.  Pressure Points do not always work, but they can be worth it to avoid medical intervention.  You can learn these techniques for yourself at:  The challenging part of learning them is actually finding some of the points, it is a learned and practiced skill and can be frustrating to try and teach your self. 

My fee for natural inducing is listed on the services and fees page.