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VBAC - vaginal birth after cesarean

With the current sky-rocket rates of cesarean in our country VBAC has become a real hot topic.  Having a cesarean with your first baby is more common now than ever and policy seems to change a lot when it comes to having the next baby.  Most of the time VBAC is the safest option.  I have attended several successful VBAC births both in the hospital and with a home birth midwife.  There are a lot of doctors what will not do a VBAC for insurance reasons, but in our area there are a few who will.  Please see my links page for more information. There is also a resource on that page called ICAN - they provide all kinds of support and information for mothers that would like to avoid cesarean birth.

Doctors will usually not induce a VBAC mom and they often will insist on doing a repeat cesarean if you get to your "due date" and are not in labor.  

In the hospital setting a TOLAC (trial of labor after cesarean) mom only becomes a VBAC mom if she is successful in birthing vaginally.  This trial of labor can feel very stressful for the mom.  Continual monitoring is required, they may try to keep you in bed the whole time, and some may tell you that you need an epidural.  An IV may also be "required".  You have options to this situation, but you need to be informed and willing to take a stand for your birth.  Having a doula to support and advocate for you in the hospital setting can be very important for a woman attempting a VBAC. 

There are many significant health risks associated with cesarean birth and if you can avoid it you'll be doing yourself and your baby a real favor.  

I have attended VBAC births at the MED, St. Joe's and at home with qualified midwives.  You can experience a great birth in each of these settings and it is worth the effort to search out your best options and be extremely proactive in this process.  Hunt for the right care provider, ask all your questions, research and talk with people.  You'll be glad you took the time and effort to provide yourself with the very best chances at a normal birth experience.  

VBAC can be even more challenging, but you'll have so much more confidence and information available to you if you have a doula.

ICAN is a great resource for moms that are considering VBAC.  See it on my links page.