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Rebecca Dundore, Certified Prenatal, Labor and Postpartum Doula

Being a doula has been a life-long love for me.  Every birth needs an advocated and observer, someone who is there exclusively to support the emotional and physical (non-medical) needs of the laboring mom/couple.  I am exceptionally good an soothing raw nerves and encouraging that inner strength that must come out during labor.  You need someone in your corner who knows all the sights, sounds and ...yes, the smells too.  I have nearly 15 years of doula work and have attended more than 50 births.  Nearly half of those were hospital births, but almost as many have been home or birth center births.  I've been there for my sister and several friends, I've even had the pleasure of being doula for my son and his wife when my granddaughter and grandson were born!  From the full medical high intervention birth to the fully natural labor, I've helped all kinds of moms experience their labor and birth with love and gentleness.   I am particularly good and helping fathers find their place in a situation that can feel very exclusive or overwhelming.  

 I am currently certified with Intuitive Doula as an Anti-natal, Birth and Postpartum Doula.  I'm also certified as a doula instructor through them.  Previous certs include: CAPPA and DONA.

  • Spinning Babies - Gayle Tully, Midwife
  • Labor-support for multiples (CAPPA)
  • Lactation Educator (CAPPA)
  • Rebozo use in Labor (DONA and a local midwife)
  • Childbirth Around the World - Barbara Harper, RN
  • Understanding Infant Communication (HUG your baby)
  • Massage in Labor(DONA)
  • Positioning for a Faster Labor (Chiropractor instructor)
  • Natural Pain Reducing Techniques (DONA, CAPPA)
  • Water Birth - by: Barabara Harper, RN
  • Postpartum Doula (BabyWise)
  • Childbirth Education (Birthing From Within)
  • Pressure Points for Inducing and Augmenting Labor (Independent Study Course)